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Welcome to True Masters of Norrath

This Guild is for people who want to master a trade skill on the Everquest Mac server Al'kabar.  You do not have to currently be any level or have mastered any trade skills to be a member of True Masters of Norrath.  New members will get a full set of Banded Mail, and new officers will get a full set of Gold Ornate chain mail.  I need a Talor to make caster armor so that new members who cannot wear a smithed idem can get an outfit.  

old members come back*

trueblader, Jan 3, 10 11:13 PM.
old members come back!

News about the guild!

trueblader, Nov 3, 09 1:47 AM.
We are a Trade skill guild who used all zones in the game!!! you can have other characters in other guilds but when you join this guild the character guilded should stay for at least a year


trueblader, Sep 8, 09 3:55 PM.
Please contact me and have me tag you!!!

we cannot tag in POK only in old zones!

We are guild 19!

we have made our introductory post please post your support there!

trueblader, Aug 30, 09 12:16 AM.

True Masters of Norrath Has a New Address!

System, Aug 28, 09 3:40 AM.
True Masters of Norrath has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

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